Our Approach

We like to build cool, unusual things, and we like to help you build cool, unusual things. We're okay with cool, usual things too though.

Our Story

I got sucked into the adrenaline rush that fast cars gave me at a young age, but I found I could not afford for other people to build the things I wanted, and when I could, I was not happy with their work product, so I purchased tools as I could afford them and learned as I went. I enjoy the process of project building no matter how small the need or idea.

Meet the Team

It's mostly just Dave these days.

Dave headset

Dave LaTourette

Founder & CEO

I'm the boss. I fly airplanes with my dog on my days off.

Dave and Tater

Dave LaTourette


When I'm not working or flying, I run with my dog.


Dave LaTourette

Janitor/Sanitation Engineer

Somebody has to do it, and it might as well be me.